Professional Services, Support and Training

At Trancite, we are significantly more than just the development team behind the best diagramming and field reporting tools of their kind. We are also a world-class services and training organization behind such efforts including enterprise deployments of custom software projects for the US Federal Government, custom software projects deployed in Statewide projects, large scale in-country training efforts, and more.

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Custom Software Development

Our Custom Software Development team is capable of delivering custom software projects in a wide range of technologies – Windows, iOS, Android. Our historic projects range from delivery of professional software tools for law enforcement, to software tools that manage and evaluate security protocols, to Federally deployed tools that monitor and evaluate team or organization-based capabilities and training levels.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency, our focus on relationship, and our pursuit of results-oriented deliverables.

Custom Formset Development

A large portion of our business has historically been tied to the development of customer specific formsets designed for data-collection and reporting efforts configurable and scalable to virtually any mission requirements. EOD and Post-Blast reporting, Fire Preplanning, Security Assessments, State Police Data Collection and Case Reporting, Crash Reporting, Insurance Adjustment—if a given mission or work effort would benefit from collecting data in a streamlined manner we can work with you to develop your own custom formsets and embed them in any of our products.

Formsets can be made up of flat forms, dynamic forms, or a combination of the two. They can also incorporate XML or Microsoft™ outputs to create presentations, reports, briefs, or even feed databases or RMS systems.

Custom Template Design

For our customers that want to take the easiest to use software of its kind, and make it even EASIER—we offer professional templating services. Our in-house diagramming artists will work with you or your agency to professionally template some or all of your jurisdiction’s streets, or intersections so that your officers simply drag and drop the specific elements of their scene, and nearly skip the diagramming process entirely.

Configuration and Setup Services

Let our development team help you with your integration, configuration, or setup. We develop this stuff, after all, and nobody knows it better than we do. So if you are in over your head, or just don’t have all the time you need, we are here to help and to support.

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Out of Maintenance Support Services

We understand that sometimes issues happen outside of maintenance coverage. While we can’t cover those out of maintenance issues for free, we do everything in our power to keep costs low, and support services affordable.

Of course, if you are under maintenance, or are part of our new subscription licensing program, support is always free. Call away—we are here for you.

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On-site Training Services

We have experienced trainers who have literally conducted trainings all over the world, from Alabama to the Middle East, to the Far East, we’ve been there and done that. Nothing makes your software investment payoff like happy, proficient users, and quality training is what makes happy, proficient users. We are here to help ensure your organization uses the software you provide to its fullest potential.

Remote Training Services

For customers under maintenance, we are happy to provide scheduled remote-based training services for no charge. Does your team need a quick refresher? Do you want to brush up on some of the more advanced capabilities in our software? Did somebody miss the on-site training? Contact us to schedule a remote session and we’ll get you taken care of.

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