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Maintenance Coverage

Trancite's maintenance plans offer the following coverage of your products. Plus, discounts on other products and services are offered.​

  1. Product Updates & Upgrades - The licensor will supply improvements and other changes to the software that the Licensor, at its discretion, deems to be logical improvements or extensions.

  2. Defect Corrections - The licensor will supply corrections as required to correct substantial deviations of the software from specifications or the current applicable reference manual.

  3. Premium Maintenance Also Includes:


Initial Maintenance Period

Following the purchase of the initial first-year Annual Maintenance, Licensee will receive updates and upgrades for 12 months from the original date of purchase. Annual Maintenance will be invoiced automatically unless notified 60 days prior to the purchase anniversary date.

Charges for Subsequent Years

For each year after the initial maintenance period of the license, Licensor will continue to provide Licensee with maintenance, support, and product update services as described in section (A) above, provided Licensee pays Licensor in advance the annual maintenance and support charges then in effect. Subject to annual increases up to five percent.

Out of Maintenance Support

Will incur the following fees payable at the time of service:

  1. License Audit $250 per audit

  2. License Transfer $25 per license per transfer

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