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Easy Street Draw is designed to meet the specialized drawing requirements of crash scene diagramming.
The program uses "drag and drop" technology for a large library of "intelligent" objects that make the job of diagramming an accident scene, quick, easy and accurate.

Initial Maintenance Period:

  • All products include maintenance for the first 12 months from time of purchase.

Extended Maintenance Coverage:

  • When purchased at time of core product purchase, additional years of Maintenance is 18% of purchase price/year.
  • If purchased AFTER core product purchase, additional years of Maintenance is 18% of THEN CURRENT purchase price/year.
  • Customers current on maintenance receive the following:
    • Free Technical Support
    • Free Remote Training
    • Free in-version Updates and Bug Fixes
    • 50% Discount on Major Version Upgrades
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What's New in Easy Street Draw 5!

Improved window layout

The work area in Easy Street Draw has been optimized to provide an easier to navigate work environment. Drawing Selection Tabs are now located on the top of the work area and are grouped together into a Drawing Navigator. Layer Menu Tabs are now grouped together on the right hand side, offering a more convenient way to navigate through and search for symbols. The Workbook Details button has been renamed to Workbook Manager and is now a tab at the top of the work area in the Drawing Navigator. The Drawing Tools menu has been moved into the Tools drop down menu located on the Toolbar.

Workbook Manager

The Workbook Manager tab located at the top of the work area offers a quick and convenient way for users to access and organize scene information. From here the user can enter incident information such as a case number, date, description and narrative. Workbook Manager also allows you to change labels and logos to further customize your information. From within Workbook Manager is the ability to rename, duplicate, delete or reorder drawing.

Symbol Manager

Easy Street Draw now includes an easier to navigate Symbol Manager. The new Symbol Search function is now available and offers a quick and convenient way to find the symbol you are looking for. Symbol Search is located right above the Symbol Manager. Also included within Symbol Manager is a Favorites function. This allows the user to mark Favorite symbols as well as view Frequently and Recently used symbols.

Spell check

A spell check feature is now available that automatically underlines misspelled words. Right-clicking on the underlined word launches a menu displaying spelling suggestions, the option to ignore the misspelling, and the ability to add the word to the dictionary as a custom entry.

Color Blends

A customizable Color Blend feature is now available in some symbols giving them a more realistic look and feel.

Improved PowerPoint Output

Easy Street Draw now has improved Microsoft PowerPoint output capabilities.