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Swift. Simple. Precise.

Enhance Your Crash and Accident Diagramming Instantly.

Discover Easy Street Draw, the leading crash diagramming software that redefines excellence in accident reconstruction. Engineered to set the industry standard, Easy Street Draw ensures a quick, intuitive, and precise documentation experience for crash scenes.

At the core of Easy Street Draw is its user-friendly design, converting intricate crash scene details into easily understandable diagrams. The software prioritizes speed without compromising accuracy, allowing users to create comprehensive diagrams effortlessly. Its versatility shines through as it seamlessly integrates with various RMS solutions, catering to the diverse needs of Law Enforcement, like Police Departments and Sheriffs Offices. 

Easy Street Draw is the epitome of a crash diagramming tool, offering an unparalleled solution for efficient and precise accident scene documentation.

Value of Easy Street Draw


  • Exceptional value

  • Multiple affordable licensing options available for our accident diagram software


  • Use maps from Google or Bing

  • Import and export multiple image and file formats

  • Print finished diagrams at any scale and on any size paper supported by your printer


  • Accident diagram software for faster results than pen and paper

  • Integrate with Records Management Solutions


  • Little training investment needed

  • Quickly recreate road diagrams for accident sketch

  • Professional output for reports and for court

Easy Street Draw Options

If you’re interested in Trancite’s Easy Street Draw product, you’ll notice there are three different options for purchase – Desktop, Editor, and Web.


Think of Trancite’s Desktop version like a Microsoft Office product – it is an app installed on your PC. You use our Desktop version to create diagram-centric documents that can be saved as files, printed, or exported in other formats like images and PDFs. Integration with your RMS or Crash Reporting System may be limited and require you to manually upload the exported drawings into your system.


The Diagram Editor is used primarily with RMS applications that are installed on individual workstations. It is designed for integration into products that are developed using .Net or COM. This means that your RMS provider is in control of how and when the diagram editing tool is viewed and used and it can be embedded into your RMS or Crash Reporting System workflow.


Web SDK looks like Editor, but it is never installed on an end-user’s laptop or workstation. This option is installed on the server that hosts the web-based RMS or Crash Reporting System. Web SDK is designed to be embedded in a browser-based application, like an RMS that is accessed via a web browser. With this option, you can also embed the diagramming process into your RMS or Crash Reporting System workflow.



Crafting a top-notch accident diagram doesn't have to be complex. Success lies in clearly communicating accident details.

Use ESD to allow you to represent vehicles, people, or structures involved as more than simple 'boxes' or basic shapes without getting bogged down in technicalities. The key to an effective accident diagram is ensuring a clear understanding of what happened, not about intricate technical skills. Simplify your approach to accident diagramming for clearer and more effective communication of incident details with our crash diagramming solution, Easy Street Draw.
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