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Stay Ahead of Security Challenges with Comprehensive Risk Assessment Software.

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Empower your organization with a robust system that records, evaluates, and reviews facility and process risks, ensuring you're prepared for evolving security requirements.

Assessments. Not Just Audits.

Redeye assessments go beyond traditional audits, encompassing a range of security evaluations. From thorough security walkthroughs to assessing the effectiveness of training and conducting external surveillance watches, Redeye offers versatile and effective security-related evaluations through its advanced risk assessment software.

 Redeye manages three types of findings


Citations are “tickets” tied to a legal requirement. They are generally served to an individual, with their employer equally responsible.


Notations are issued statements, paper or electronic, served to an individual and/or organization. However, notations are not tied to a legal source. 


Issues are security risks discovered by an auditor. These can occur in two ways:

  • An unrelated issue was discovered during a specific audit

  • Issues discovered during a general security assessment or walkthrough


Customization is Easy

Dynamic Assessments

Assessments are not hard-coded into Redeye. It takes little or no programming effort to add or modify the list of assessments that your organization intends to use for your particular security site and to collect the specific detail for each one.

Dynamic Divisions

Redeye does not have hard-coded divisions such as terminals, concourses, and retail stalls. The hierarchy of your site, whether it is an airport, seaport, complex, or campus, can be arranged in a way that makes sense, not jammed into an artificial structure not meant for your needs.

Some ways to use RedEye

RedEye: Beyond Audit Software, Your Complete Solution for Comprehensive Risk Assessments.

RedEye offers a holistic approach to security assessments, going beyond traditional audits. Whether discovering a broken lock during an access point audit or conducting a security assessment of an airport's perimeter, RedEye's advanced features address issues in fencing, surveillance points, and unusual activities.


It helps in determining if infrastructure issues contribute to human violations, conducting sweeping security walkthroughs, reviewing security training effectiveness, external surveillance watches, and more.


Elevate your security assessment process with RedEye's versatile and comprehensive capabilities.

RedEye is ideal for assessments at different facilities

Port Authority
School Campus
Entertainment Complex
Government Facilities
School Campus in Fall
Entertainment Complex
Government Facilities
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