Write once, use everywhere


Do more

  • Little training investment needed

  • Professional output for reports and for court

FingerTap allows you to easily convert your paper documents into interactive media.

What is FingerTap

Do you have user manuals, training guides, or reference documents that could be more available and usable to customers or employees? FingerTap turns your static documents into interactive media. You can search it, train with it, walk around in it with interactive visuals, review its contents as a whole, or simply start on a page and begin reading e-book style.

FingerTap is available on Android, Apple and on the web at

FIngerTap is a document manager for manuals and other useful content.

A Document Manager

FingerTap is more than an app. It is a document manager, providing a crisp, easily understood master document that is managed within Microsoft Word. Need a paper copy of your content? The FingerTap manager can generate a paper version in the style and formatting that you want.


FingerTap can even provide integrated, context-sensitive help within the software you develop, all from the same master document.

No more scattered information and extra workload. Write it once, use it everywhere.

Consider the manuals, documents, and useful content that you have. How would interactive content help get out your message and improve understanding among your customers, officers, and employees?