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Transform Static Documents into Engaging Interactive Media

Do more

  • Little training investment needed

  • Professional output for reports and for court

Elevate Your Content

Bring Business, Instructional, and Entertainment Materials to Life with FingerTap

Turn Static Documents into Interactive Media
Interactive Media

What is FingerTap

Empower Your Documents with FingerTap's Interactive Documentation. Transform manuals, training guides, and reference materials into dynamic, user-friendly interactive visuals.

Search. Train. Navigate. Seamlessly.

Explore content in its entirety or read it in e-book style. FingerTap offers integrated, context-sensitive help within your software, all sourced from a single master document. Elevate the user experience with interactive media that goes beyond traditional documentation.

Turns into
Interactive Media
Interactive Media
Interactive Media

Write it Once. Use it Everywhere.

Elevate Your Document Management with FingerTap – Beyond an App, It's a Comprehensive Solution.

FingerTap serves as a dynamic document manager, offering a clear and easily comprehensible master document seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Word. Whether you require a digital version or a paper copy, FingerTap simplifies the process, generating content in the style and formatting of your preference. Say goodbye to scattered information and unnecessary workloads. Experience the convenience of centralized and well-managed documents with FingerTap.

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