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Welcome to class! There is a lot to learn, so we have broken down everything you need into bite-sized pieces. From Streets Layer to Drawing Tools, and more!

We provide videos to help instruct you on how to accomplish common tasks.

Any questions? Reach out to a rep for more info!

While the management of software and licenses is generally handled by IT departments, sometimes these details fall through the cracks. Personnel changes and lack of documentation can make keeping track of where your software is and what it is your organization actually has. We have put tools in place to help with knowing which users’ machines the software is licensed on.

  • Product updates & upgrades

  • Defect corrections

  • License activations and transfers

  • License auditing (2 per year)

  • Support assistance

  • Answers on How to and Best Practices

  • Troubleshooting

  • Remote online assistance


Out of Maintenance support will incur the following fees payable at the time of service.

  1. License Audit $250 per audit

  2. License Transfer $25 per license per transfer

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