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Gather All Crime Scene Information in One Place No Matter the Search Size

Do more

  • Little training investment needed

  • Professional output for reports and for court

Crime Scene Investigator
Crime Scene Tape

Federal Law Enforcement Agencies SAVE 85% of their time by using AccuraCSI

The standard for evidence collection management in the field.

Since 2009, AccuraCSI software has driven crime scene search management for a growing list of agencies within the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense.


Designed to handle evidence collection in any environment around the world, AccuraCSI manages both large searches with hundreds of evidence items and small general searches.

Respected methods. Respected results. Years of fine-tuning.


  • Alone on your PC or Mobile device

  • As a team on the scene with hot-spot-connected PCs and Mobile devices

  • Through a web interface

  • Offline and sync up when a connection is available

  • Managing large complex forensic searches

  • Smaller and more general searches

Page Evidence section in AccuraCSI




Use the voice-to-text feature to speed up your ability to document evidence during the collection process of the investigation. 

How It Works

AccuraCSI allows you to gather all crime scene information in one place while you're in the field. With all information located in one place, this makes it simple to finalize the report when you return to your office.

AccuraCSI captures Evidence, Latent Print, Photo Logs, Event Logs, Photos, Diagrams, Persons on Scene, Narratives, Teams, and more.

There are no obscure file formats, proprietary hurdles, or fragile application interconnections... just clean and easy.



Configure AccuraCSI to your specific evidence collection procedure requirements and integrate it into your current Record Management System (RMS).

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Trancite's ScenePD easily integrates into AccuraCSI to make the diagramming portion of your investigation fast and easy!

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