Signature Scene Field Reporting Software

Signature Scene
Next Generation Reporting

Signature Scene is a complete field reporting software tool which allows for quick and efficient documentation of criminal acts, accident scenes, inspections or site surveys.

A-T Solutions built Signature Scene's core engine from the same software used by more than 3,500 law enforcement agencies around the world and it is currently used by the Research and Innovative Technology Administration's (RITA) Transportation Safety Institute to train aircraft investigators from around the world. RITA and TSI's parent organization is the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Initial Maintenance Period:

  • All products include maintenance for the first 12 months from time of purchase.

Extended Maintenance Coverage:

  • When purchased at time of core product purchase, additional years of Maintenance is 18% of purchase price/year.
  • If purchased AFTER core product purchase, additional years of Maintenance is 18% of THEN CURRENT purchase price/year.
  • Customers current on maintenance receive the following:
    • Free Technical Support
    • Free Remote Training
    • Free in-version Updates and Bug Fixes
    • 50% Discount on Major Version Upgrades
Form Data Collection

Construct a casebook with forms and logos specific to the agency or mission.

Diagram Creation

Drag and drop pre-drawn "intelligent" symbols from a huge symbols library onto the electronic diagram or baseline satellite imagery.

  • Intelligent street/intersection design
  • Intelligent building/structure design
  • Bubbleman body positioning
  • Arson, Homeland Security, Forensic symbol sets
  • Field measurements, baseline, triangulation tools
Digital Evidence Management

Attach various forms of digital evidence, like photographs and audio or video clips to custom created form sets.

GPS Stamping

Assign an accurate Latitude and longitude or MGRS location to the individual incident report to support the future spatial analysis systems.

Export Options

Export casebooks to XML, PDF or PowerPoint for real time reporting.