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Add ScenePD to your Classroom

ScenePD integrates into your Criminal Justice curriculum seamlessly.

Real-World Skills

Train your students using one of the most well-known and widely used crime and crash scene software on the market.

Easy to Use

ScenePD is easy to learn and use. Your class will be creating diagrams and field reports quickly with Trancite's expansive drag-and-drop symbol library.


More than 1300 intelligent structures, streets, and symbols that know how to interact with each other make diagrams accurate.

Add ScenePD to Your Classroom!
Bethany College Using ScenePD

“These are real skills and situations that they will encounter when they start their careers. I also like that they can put ScenePD on their resume as a skill they already know and are trained on.”

Rande Repp - Department Chair, Criminal Justice
Bethany College

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