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Easy Street Draw 2D Software

Create accurate diagrams for forensic investigation and pre-incident planning.

Documenting and sharing information concisely and accurately is essential in the world of public safety. Easy Street Draw 2D is the leading public safety diagramming software that eliminates the time and monotony of creating hand-drawn scenes and site diagrams. This reliable and affordable crash, crime, and fire investigation technology allows law enforcement officers to create 2D crash report diagrams in as little as five minutes. Crime scene investigators can quickly diagram scenes with the utmost accuracy with ScenePD. It is also ideal for firefighters who create pre-incident plan diagrams by using FireScene. Easy Street Draw 2D is affordable, convenient, and easy to deploy for large agencies that need crash reports or pre-incident plan diagrams.

Value of Easy Street Draw 2D

Create Fast, Accurate Diagrams

Ribbon menus, keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus put commands and options at your fingertips. Automatically snap objects together and place dimensions for clean, precise diagrams.

Easily Learn and Use

On-screen instructions guide you through how to use each feature. The learning center offers a quick start guide to help you get started fast, while longer training courses are available directly from trancite.

Diagram Any Scene With Ease

Wizards make it easy to draw roads, walls, stairs, doors and windows, all to exact dimensions. Pick from the thousands of pre-drawn symbols and line-types to show vehicles, furniture, weapons, fences, fire hydrants, utility shut-offs and other details of the scene.

Flexible and Compatible

Use maps from Google or Bing, and import and export multiple image and file formats. Print finished diagrams at any scale and on any size paper supported by your printer.

Share and Present

Share intersection templates within an agency to dramatically reduce drawing time of crash scenes. Incorporate diagrams into reports as image files or integrate ESD into your RMS. 

Choose Your Language

Trancite products , like Easy Street Draw, ScenePD, and FireScene are available in multiple languages.

Ready to see how Easy Street Draw 2D can help your courtroom presentations and reports?

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