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New Features in Version 8.1 Release

Version 8.1 Release

Our team has been working hard this year to keep improving on the latest version of our products and if you're currently active on your Premium Maintenance Plan, just contact our team to get upgraded from version eight to 8.1.

Streets Transition Improvements:

  • Vehicles align to transition areas

  • Crosswalks snap and align to transition areas.

  • Stop lines and yield lines align and snap to lanes

  • Lane directions in transition areas

  • Allowing two transition stripes to connect to the same point

  • Intersections in transition areas


General Street Drawing Improvements

  • Increase stripe set-back limit

  • The crosswalk's outer stripes don't reset when the endpoints are moved


General Drawing Improvements:

  • Stretchable ladders on firetrucks

  • Linear symbols can be grouped

  • Change the line shape to have the arc profile by default

  • Drawing hotkeys (for the stripe eraser and commonly drawn shapes)

  • New measurement schemes:

    • Measurements to the 1/4"

    • Measurements to the 1/8"


Structure Drawing Improvements:

  • Directly enter wall length; set structure wall length by typing


Vehicle Metadata:

  • Include vehicles without metadata in the information returned about vehicles when the diagram is stored

  • Include vehicle text with the information returned about vehicles when the diagram is stored

If your Agency would benefit from the new and updated features, contact our sales team to activate a premium maintenance plan to receive the 8.1 new features.


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