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Discover the Power of FireScene: The Premier Fire Pre-Planning Software

In the world of firefighting and emergency response, preparation is everything. Ensuring the safety of both crews and citizens hinges on having detailed, actionable pre-plans. That's where Trancite's FireScene comes in, the leading fire pre-planning software that sets the gold standard for the industry.

The Ultimate Fire Pre-Planning Software Solution

FireScene is meticulously designed to provide firefighters and emergency responders with the tools they need for efficient and precise pre-planning. Our software offers an intuitive interface, robust mapping tools, and comprehensive features tailored to meet the unique demands of fire departments.

fire pre-planning software

Advanced Mapping and Drawing Tools

FireScene's mapping capabilities are second to none. Leveraging GIS layers via our integration with ESRI, FireScene provides enhanced mapping solutions that include aerial photography and Streetview. This integration allows your team to create detailed maps that can be crucial during an emergency response.

Seamless Integration with RMS Solutions

One of the standout features of FireScene is its ability to fully integrate pre-planning into your fire inspection process. Our software can seamlessly integrate with many Records Management Systems (RMS), ensuring that all your data is centralized and easily accessible. This integration not only streamlines workflows but also enhances data accuracy and accessibility across departments.

Comprehensive Pre-Planning Features

FireScene is packed with features designed to make pre-planning as thorough and straightforward as possible:

  • Intuitive Interface: Easy to use, ensuring that even those new to the software can quickly become proficient.

  • Detailed Pre-Plans: Build detailed, actionable pre-plans with our robust tools, ensuring every aspect of the emergency is covered.

  • ESRI Integration: Enhanced mapping with GIS layers, aerial photography, and Streetview for comprehensive situational awareness.

  • Integration with RMS Solutions: Seamlessly incorporate pre-planning into your existing inspection processes.

Elevating Safety and Preparedness

What truly sets FireScene apart is its commitment to user satisfaction. Our software is designed to integrate effortlessly into existing firefighting workflows, providing versatility across various departments. This adaptability ensures that FireScene can meet the diverse needs of different fire and emergency response teams.

Unmatched Features and Excellence

Choosing FireScene by Trancite means opting for innovation, efficiency, and precision. Our software revolutionizes safety and preparedness, providing firefighters and emergency responders with the tools they need to excel in their roles. FireScene is not just a tool—it's a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your fire pre-planning to new heights.


FireScene is more than just fire pre-planning software; it's a revolutionary tool that enhances safety, efficiency, and preparedness for firefighting teams. With its advanced mapping tools, seamless RMS integration, and user-friendly interface, FireScene stands out as the premier choice for fire departments and emergency responders.

Choose FireScene by Trancite for unmatched features and excellence in fire pre-planning software. Elevate your fire pre-planning and ensure the safety of your crews and community with the industry's leading solution.

Discover more about FireScene and how it can transform your fire pre-planning processes by visiting the webpage or contacting our team.


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