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Trancite Integrates Vehicle Metadata into Diagramming Software

When utilizing Public Safety software, you want it to be easy-to-use, intuitive, and cut down on the time it takes you to complete the task. With the newest version of Trancite’s software being released, the agencies utilizing these mission-critical products can now attach vehicle metadata, diagram geo-location, edit intersections and more.

The vehicle metadata capability is designed around collecting common vehicle identification information like VIN#, year, make, model, type, and color. When the integrator supplies vehicle data via the API, special vehicle symbols and corresponding vehicle labels are created in the Symbol. These symbols and labels can be added to the diagram like other symbols. This feature makes the diagramming and field reporting easier and more comprehensive.

With the geospatial awareness integrators can now supply diagram geo-location through our APIs. It can be set for an entire casebook and for individual diagram in Trancite’s Windows applications. When a diagram has location, a map will auto-select based on the location and templates can be auto selected based on the location.

Other new features like intersections, are now selectable and have more editable properties, just like the street properties. Maps will default to cleaner images in Google, Bing, and other ESRI-based maps. More symbols have been added for the user’s convenience, including trailers and RVs. Also, new street symbols and extended vehicle views, like front, rear, and interior, have also been added.

Not only can your agency see improved crash diagramming immediately, but you can also achieve accurate results faster and easier than before. Contact our team to see how you can get these features.


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