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What's New in Version 8?

Version 8 of Trancite Products have been released

Version 8 of our diagramming software products includes new features, improved visual design, symbol additions, and updates.


  • The Windows and Diagram Editor apps are now 64-bit.

Improved Visual Design

  • The toolbar icons in all the apps have been updated. This improves the customer experience in several ways:

  • Toolbars are rendered more clearly at various screen resolutions and on different devices.

  • Icons are more consistent across all applications.

Print Preview

  • Print Preview is available when printing diagrams in the Windows apps. This is especially helpful when printing a diagram to scale on multiple pages.

Symbol Additions and Updates

  • Including Trailers and RVs, New Street Symbols, New vehicle views (front, rear, and interior), and updated aircraft symbols.

Symbol Flip and Change Orientation

  • These operations are available in the symbol property dialog.


  • Default to cleaner images in Bing, Google, and ESRI base maps.

Structure Drawing

  • We've improved support for structures with varying wall widths. You can now easily set the widths of individual walls. You can also select the entire structure and set the widths of all walls with the "default" width.

  • We added more pre-drawn structure symbols.

Parking Stalls

  • We've added parallel and angled Parking Stalls to the symbol manager on the Streets layer.

  • We've added an angle control and a number-of-stalls control to Parking Stall properties. This allows the user to get to the correct parking stall layout quickly.

Street Transition Tools

  • Transitions two street segments from more to fewer lanes.


  • Intersections are now selectable and have editable properties like our street technology.

Custom Template

  • The Web SDK includes support for automatically loading and updating custom templates.

Geospatial Awareness

  • Integrators can now supply diagram geo-location through our APIs.

  • A geo-location can be set for an entire casebook and individual diagram in our Windows apps.

  • When a diagram has a location, a map will auto-select based on the location and templates can be auto-selected based on the location.

Vehicle Metadata

  • We have added the ability to attach extended metadata to vehicle symbols.

  • This data comprises named fields and values that can be entered by the user or defined by the integrator through the API.

  • This capability is designed around collecting common vehicle identification information like VIN#, year, make, model, type, and color.

  • When the integrator supplies vehicle data via the API, special vehicle symbols and corresponding vehicle labels are created in the Symbol Manager under a special node called 'Incident Vehicles". These symbols and labels can be added to the diagram like other symbols.

  • Support for VIN# interpretation.

  • When a vehicle symbol has extended metadata, that data can be shown in a special callout linked to the symbol or in the symbol's text label.


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